InfraCore is committed to building a high performing culture based on core values. Our values guide us on how we work together and make decisions.

InfraCore is committed to creating a safe workplace and a safe workforce. We are committed to having a work environment where safety and productivity are not compromised. This commitment supports our company culture, vision, mission and values.

These policies apply to all people employed or engaged directly through InfraCore Ltd including staff and contractors. It covers all the above people when undertaking organizational business.



InfraCore is committed to delivering high quality outcomes for our customers by:
Conducting our business in a safe and healthy manner;
Understanding our purpose, the scope of works and valuing our customers’ expectations and requirements;
Valuing our community, and our contribution towards social enterprise and wellbeing of the region;
Seeking constructive feedback from our employees and our clients to drive innovation and increase our value proposition to the region;
Having measurable targets of success.

InfraCore will lead from the front by:
Living the InfraCore values;
Actively engaging with staff to promote positive health and safety initiatives;
Holding each other accountable for a positive work ethic and culture;
Commitment to continuous improvement of our quality management system;
Investing in the future and stability of our workforce by providing ongoing skills development.


Our commitment to improve environmental performance:

• Comply with applicable environmental legislation and codes of practice.

• Member of the Rotorua Sustainable Charter.

• Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters.

• Monitor and reduce the use of raw materials, water and energy where possible.

• Identify and reduce/eliminate pollution and waste.

• Assess the impact; on the environment, of all our operations and strive for continuous improvement and sustainability.

• Support and encourage contracts and suppliers that use environmentally friendly practices and products.

InfraCore Ltd is committed to conducting its operations in a sustainable and environmentally friendly manner.


InfraCore values a healthy and safe workplace.
We want people to be able to achieve the necessary outcomes in a safe manner and believe creating a culture of care and wellbeing throughout the organization is both the right thing to do and will be good for the operational effectiveness and sustainability of the business.

So far as is reasonably practicable, we are committed to providing a working environment and work systems which are free from risk of injury or disease for our employees, contractors, volunteers and visitors. We are committed to providing the highest standards of health and safety performance based on best practice and continual performance improvement. We recognise that the responsibility for health and safety is shared and all employees are equally responsible for minimising accidents, for following safe work practices, and ensuring a safe and healthy workplace.


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