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InfraCore is a Council Controlled Organisation created as a social enterprise to deliver essential services to Rotorua Lakes Council, and its residents and visitors. InfraCore is in the business of maintaining, managing and constructing infrastructure and facilities assets. The company’s main service offerings are:

  • Asset management of above and underground infrastructure assets including planned and reactive activities, life cycle data analysis and capital build activities.
  • Maintaining and constructing parks infrastructure, including but not limited to public gardens, reserves, playgrounds, sports fields and tree surgeon services.
  • Maintaining and constructing drinking water, wastewater and storm-water infrastructure networks.
  • Civil construction and maintenance work associated with transport solutions including footpath, paving and street furniture type assets.
  • Providing janitorial services, street cleaning and maintenance services for public and park infrastructure assets.
  • Cemetery and Crematorium management and operation services.
  • Nursery services, including plant propagation, sale, lease and care services.
  • Project management of capital budget works from build through to asset management of new and existing infrastructure networks.

InfraCore’s purpose is to partner and support the Rotorua Lakes Council operational requirements in alignment with the Vision 2030 – The Rotorua Way.

InfraCore is committed to developing partnerships with Te Arawa Iwi and Hapū and to also align its operational requirements to the Te Arawa 2050 Vision, and the aspirations of Mana Whenua.

For InfraCore as a business, this translates into improving the quality of life for Rotorua residents and visitors by cultivating and maintaining the areas in which they work and play. We do this by ensuring that the essential services are delivered appropriately and efficiently.

In summary, InfraCore’s purpose is to:

  • Partner with Rotorua Lakes Council and Te Arawa Mana Whenua in creating liveable communities.
  • To offer asset management and social enterprise opportunities and solutions in order fulfil RLC’s 2030 and support the Te Arawa Vision 2050 goals and the aspirations of Mana Whenua.
  • Provide high quality, cost effective solutions efficiently to fulfil RLC’s ‘Vision to Action’ priorities.
  • To deliver the core services as contracted to InfraCore:
  • service and maintain Rotorua’s Parks and Open Spaces to predetermined Council specified standards
  • construct and maintain Rotorua’s Waters infrastructure by conducting planned and unplanned maintenance activities
  • maintain the CBD and Premium sites with city cleaning activities
  • propagate and supply of nursery products both to service the CBD flower bed displays and wider Bay of Plenty residents
  • Operate the business in an efficient and sustainable way; to be able to clearly demonstrate that goods and services delivered are to industry standard and compliant to all laws, by-laws and Industry standards. Where practicable, best practice should be followed.
  • To work in partnership with Local and Central Government to actively support local youth and adult return to employment initiatives; to explore wider opportunities to support social good and well-being initiatives in order to further contribute towards the well-being of Rotorua Incorporated (Rotorua Inc).
  • To provide Rotorua Lakes Council an increased flexibility and partnership model that isn’t present with pure commercial arrangements, including the delivery of services and projects that are not currently contracted out to InfraCore.

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