What Is It Like Inside InfraCore?

Here is what some of InfraCore's employees have to say

Joan Gemmel -Health and Safety Advisor

Joan joined InfraCore to work with people with similar stands on health and safety and be part of a mature and inclusive culture and has been InfraCore’s health and safety advisor for over one year. The role covers identifying and managing all of the risks to health and safety through every element of the company.

The job is more people than task orientated and is a team effort in that the health and safety manager works to influence the team and workplace to create a safe working environment.

InfraCore is unionised therefore the staff stand apart from other companies as they are more informed on their rights. The effort the people put into their work is one of InfraCore’s best qualities, this will aid InfraCore over the next few years in becoming more independent in their transition from Rotorua District Council.

Malcolm Smith -Parks and Open Spaces Operations Manager

Malcolm joined InfraCore two years ago for a new challenge in a new organisation with the potential to succeed and grow. InfraCore pride themselves on providing a localised service rather than something generic, focussing on retaining/recruiting the ‘right’ people.

As the operations manager for parks and reserves Malcolm manages a team of approximately 50 individuals and the operations for all Parks related work including the cemeteries and nursery. The job consists of planning, reporting, monitoring and auditing. InfraCore aims to provide a pleasant work environment, engaging the teams and individuals and communicating with our customers.

The job is both an individual and team effort being more people orientated. Malcolm is motivated by the challenge of continuous improvement, growing the business along with the people to manage the operations to achieve continuous improvement to support growth of the business.

Mina Heke - Civils Supervisor

Mina joined InfraCore just over 2 years ago for a new beginning to make a difference and prove that he has what it takes and the opportunity to always be improving on yourself.

The Civils team looks after the maintenance of concrete and cobblestones within Rotorua. Civils is a team effort to keep the public safe and happy. In this team you have to be a multi-skill person you could be driving, operating a digger or bobcat, have concreting skills, and know how to liaise with people.

"The biggest challenge of the job is being new, gaining respect from my workers and proving to the Contract Engineer and fellow InfraCore workers that my team can do it."

Vincent Brown - Water Reactive Manager

Vinnie has worked in utilities for InfraCore in it's previous entities for twenty eight years. Vincent loves the challenges of the job and continuously learning new things. InfraCore's team are great people to work with and very family orientated.

The utilities crew work very closely, expanding the knowledge of the scene between all 3 waters.

"I love passing on the knowledge I have accumulated over the years. Showing people how to do things faster, safer and better."

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