Frequently Asked Questions
for InfraCore's work with Rotorua Lakes Council

InfraCore is the main Operations and Maintenance contractor to Rotorua Lakes Council and as such below we have set out the top frequently asked questions
we encounter for this work.

If you have a question not listed here checkout RLC's website or contact the Council or InfraCore directly.


Who manages the public toilets in Rotorua?

Public toilet facilities are looked after by InfraCore’s janitorial service team including rural and lakeside.

What is a vehicle cut-down?

A cut-down is used to give vehicle access to a property, so that a car can drive up the kerb with ease. A length of kerb and channel is removed to provide smooth vehicle access.

What do I do if I want to seal my service strip or install wooden battens outside my property?

The service strip is the narrow piece of footpath (sealed or shingled) that runs along your fence line. Where it meets the footpath, it is usually defined by a wooden strip or batten.
Your properties water submain and underground power and telecommunications connection boxes are probably located under the service strip. It is usually left unsealed to give easy access to these services. We will transfer you to the road engineer.

How do I make a complaint about a footpath in my street?

To make a complaint about a footpath in a street, please contact Rotorua Lakes Council and provide your details and street name.

What can I do about an obstruction on the footpath?

Please contact Rotorua Lakes Council - depending on whether the obstruction is temporary or permanent a Customer Advisor will pass the issue onto the appropriate staff member.
Customer Advisor Note:
If you receive a call regarding obstructions on the footpath or berm such as skateboards and ramps, these calls need to passed to General Inspectors or logged in Ozone - Regulatory Compliance - RFA Other
Footpath enquiries managed by the Land Drainage Manager
Customer Advisor Note:
Contact the Land Drainage Manager and he will manage or refer you to the appropriate person for if:
A resident needs a traffic management plan to block the footpath with materials such as soil and wood, or a temporary structure such as a skip.

Will Council repair fences along walkways that have been damaged by others?

At present the Rotorua Lakes Council policy is in line with the statutory requirements of the Fencing Act 1978 and is as follows:
The Council does not contribute to the costs associated with the construction of a new boundary fence or replacement of an existing fence on public land that is legally defined as Road in terms of section 43 of the Government Roading Powers Act 1989 (attached). This includes frontages on to road reserve, access ways and service lanes.
The only thing we do with walkways is clean up rubbish (glass etc), spray and mow the grass, cut back overhanging vegetation and clean graffiti off fences.
If people are not happy with this response they should write in to the District engineer or councillors as the policy needs to change from the top.


Can I buy trees and shrubs from the nursery?

Yes. The nursery has available an extensive range of trees and shrubs, from growth through to specimen grade trees.

Can I buy tulip bulbs from the Nursery?

Yes. Tulip bulbs are available in mid December through January.

Can I hire plants from the Nursery for a function?

Yes. The nursery provides a complete plant hire and delivery service for all functions. Please phone the Nursery on (07) 3489001 or call in to see them.

Does the Rotorua Nursery offer horticultural advice?

Yes, you can pre-order plants using the plant list for annuals, which we produce twice yearly (for winter and summer bedding). Contact the nursery (07 348 9001) for more information.

Does the Rotorua Nursery provide group tours?

Yes, group tours are available by appointment. Please phone (07) 3489001 for more information or to arrange a group tour.

How can I find out about jobs at the Nursery?

InfraCore advertises all vacancies on our careers page

How do I contact the nursery?

You can contact the Nursery during their opening hours; Monday to Friday 8am-4pm
Phone (07) 348 9001
Fax 07 348 9005
Visit the Nursery 20 Queens Drive (Government Gardens, opposite the Energy Events Centre). You don’t need an appointment.

What hours is the nursery open to the public?

The Nursery is open Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm excluding public holidays.

What kind of plants does the nursery sell?

Native trees and shrubs
Evergreen trees and shrubs
Deciduous trees and shrubs
House plants
Tulip bulbs

Where is the Rotorua Nursery?

The nursery is located at 20 Queens Drive, Government Gardens (opposite the Energy Events Centre).


How can I tell if the water leak is from my private pipes or Council mains?

To ascertain if a water leak is from private pipes or the Council's mains you can turn the toby off and if the leak stops, then it is the owners' responsibility and you will need to arrange for a plumber to attend.
If the leak continues the issue is within Council mains and InfraCore will be dispatched to investigate and repair.

How do I apply for a water connection?

You will need to complete a Rotorua Lakes Council Application for Water Connection form and return to Council with the specified fee.
Not all applications require payment

How do I check for a water leak?

There are a number of things to check if your consumption has increased. Please see the attached brochure for information on water leaks.


How long will it take the contractor to install my water connection?

This is between you and your contractor. Council recommends that you allow up to four weeks from date of approval for the connection.

How much does a water connection application cost?

Please see our current Connections and Disconnections fees & charges. This covers assessment, administration, inspection, and updating of Council records.
•The initial fee is not refundable if the application is declined or the connection is not required after it has been approved.
•An application fee is not required for change of use, relocations or reconnections.
•An application fee is not required if a service lateral already exists

My water pressure is not functioning like it used to - is there a problem in my area?

Water pressure varies all over the place, due to many factors (including the time of the day and what main the property is served from) - so unfortunately, there is no list available as to the water pressure for each property?
C.A. Note:
•Ask the following questions:
•Have you noticed a change in pressure recently?
•How long has this been happening?
•Is it only at certain times of the day? - when?
General enquiry: If customers just want to know what the pressure is - such as for when they are installing new plumbing fittings etc (especially some European fittings which have max pressure ratings stated on them) - then refer them to Utilities Operations Section of the Engineering Dept.
Water pressure problem/fault request for service: RFS > Water > Pressure / Flow Test

What happens if a problem is found on my property?

If our field crew locate a problem we will write to the registered owner of the property to advise them. Remedying this will be the responsibility of the Owner.

What other names is my water connection point know as?

A connection point can also be referred to as:
•Shut of valve
•Stop cock

Where is my toby located?

A toby is generally located along your front property boundary.
Exact measurements can be located in Geyser view

Who can permanently disconnect the water supply?

InfraCore is the only approved Contractor who can fully remove and disconnect a watermain connection.

I have noticed a water leak. What should I do?

To ascertain if the leak is a private or Council matter check to see where the leak is coming from.
•If the water leak is within your private pipelines you will need to call a Plumber.
•If the water leak is at the Toby (stop cock) is a Council matter, however to check this turn the toby off and if the leak stops, then it is the owners responsibility and they will need to arrange for a plumber to attend.
CA Note: Ask the caller/customer a variety of questions to determine the location/responsibility of the fault:
•First ascertain which side of the toby (stop-cock) the leak is on.
•If the leak is in the pipework from the toby to your house, then it is on your property and you need to call a private plumber.
•If the leak is on the Council's side - anywhere past your toby - then Council will arrange for it to be fixed as soon as possible. To double check this, turn the toby off and if the leak stops, then it is the owners responsibility and they will need to arrange for a plumber to attend.
•Ask the customer to assess the volume of water that is leaking to determine its urgency.
•Is the water near the toby i.e. between the berm and toby?
•Log a request for service - Water > Repair

Who owns the water connection point on my property?

The connection point forms part of Council's water supply network and is owned and maintained by us. Anything past the connection point is private and the responsibility of the Property Owner.


Who maintains the playgrounds?

Council’s Parks and Recreation Department control playground maintenance, which is carried out by Council’s contractor, InfraCore.

Who maintains the skate parks?

The Council Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the skateparks. Maintenance is carried out in conjunction with InfraCore.

Who manages and maintains the sportsfields?

InfraCore’s Parks and Recreation Department maintains the seventeen active sports fields.
RLC Parks department will remain responsible for the seasonal Winter and Summer Sporting codes.

All other bookings are managed by the team at Events and Venues

Can we place flowers or shrubs on Cemetery plots?

Yes you can place flowers on the berms of plots but cannot plant anything in the area, council cannot hold any responsibility for items placed on plots.

Can I have the weeds on the footpath / channel or in the alleyway sprayed?

Yes. Let us know where the weeds are and we will pass the information on to our maintenance contractors. Under the Urban Road Maintenance Plan, Council Contractors spray weeds on and in kerbs and channels regularly.

Can I make my own markings or field lines on a Sports field?

No, the Council Parks and Recreation Department, and contractors mark the fields.

Does the Rotorua CBD get mown

Yes, any mowing within the CBD is done weekly by InfraCore i.e. Government Gardens, Lakefront and Kuirau Park.

How can I find out if a tree is protected?

Appendix A of the Operative district plan lists notable trees. Properties that have notable trees are also marked on the planning maps with a symbol. Native trees may also be protected if they are over 6 metres tall or have a trunk diameter of 90cm or more. Clearance of areas of native forest is restricted to small areas only, although the provisions are zone-specific. Also refer to Heritage.

How do I book a park/reserve?

If you wish to use a Council reserve for either a sports game, family gathering, wedding ceremony, BBQ or any other event, you will need to book it through Events and Venue's

The booking procedure has been set up to ensure that services such as well stocked facilities and extra rubbish bins will be available for your use. However, as these reserves are public areas, your booking simply gives you "preferential" use and not exclusive use rights.
This means that you are not able to discourage other users from using the reserve at the same time as you are. As we are so fortunate to be surrounded by such idyllic reserves, we need to ensure that they are available for all to enjoy.
CA note:
The team within council to put these bookings through to if they are not a Winter or Summer Sport is the Events Venue Team

How do I book a reserve for a private/public event I am holding?

All reserve bookings, public and private managed by the Events & Venues Department. You will need to contact the Community Event Coordinator to check other event organisers have not booked the reserve. The Community Event Coordinator will be able to advise if costs will apply. Community Events team can be contacted on (07) 350 1744 or email
CA Note: For events that are held on a Regular basis in a Reserve or Sports field please refer the request to Parks & Reserves.

How do I request a reserve be mowed?

If you think a reserve needs mowing before its' allocated mowing schedule. We will lodge a job through Customer Advisors to InfraCore to assess.
Lodge RFS: Parks and Reserves > Parks and Reserves - Mowing

How much land does InfraCore mow?

InfraCore mows approximately two hundred hectares of public reserve land of which there is a total of forty three hectares of sports fields.

I live on a park boundary. Can I replace my fence and will the Council share costs?

Council can contribute towards the cost of fencing where a property is on a park boundary. In terms of the Fencing Act 1978 and Council policy the following applies:
•The applicant advises Council of their intent to replace or erect a new boundary fence. Enclosed with this advice should be three quotes to erect the fence and a plan showing where the intended fence is to be built.
•Upon receipt of this advice, we will inspect the site and ascertain whether there is a genuine need for a new fence. If the requirement for a new fence is identified, the applicant is advised of Council consent and to what degree Council is prepared to contribute.

What tracks are maintained by Rotorua Lakes Council?

The Redwoods or Tokorangi Forest is bounded by Long Mile Road, Radio Hut Road, Tokorangi Pa Road and Tarawera Road. Any tracks within this area are maintained by RLC. Part of the Blue Lake Track is also maintained by RLC.
So, these include walking tracks - The Redwood Track, Waitawa Track, Quarry Track. Part of the Tokorangi pa Lookout Track, Pohaturoa Lookout, Whaka Circuit.
Mountain Bike Tracks - Exit Tracks, Genesis tracks.
Horse Tracks - Bridle Trail, Tokorangi Pa Lookout Track. Part of Katore Wash Trail and Pohaturoa Lookout Trail
RLC also manage the Waipa Mill Road MTB car park.
RLC manage events in all of Whaka on behalf of Timberlands. So, we have a hand in maintenance of other tracks only when a track is used for an event
CA Note:
All maintenance enquiries including track maintenance, asset repairs, trees down, signage, mowing, worker complaint or queries please refer to Julianne Wilkinson at RLC. If on leave and urgent refer to InfraCore's Brent Smith.
If it is afterhours and emergency refer to Parks InfraCore as per afterhours Roster.

Where are the Text Us - TXT US signs located in Rotorua?

Customers can text 4343 RLC to advise of a problem that needs repairing or preferably, give us fantastic compliments.
Parks with new signs
•Government Gardens
•Kuirau Park
•Skate Park
•Hannahs Bay
•Park Road Skate Park
•Wrigley Road Skate Park
The signs were erected in November 2012.

Who do I contact if the walkways require attention?

Please report this to us RLC 3484199.

Who do I report a tree down in a reserve to?

Call Rotorua Lakes Council to make a sequest for service on 348 4199
RFS > Parks & Reserves > RFA - Trees - Repair/Remedy.