Parks and Reserves

InfraCore takes pride in maintain and caring for parks and reserves
providing active and passive facilities for the enjoyment of the communities we serve.

Our work includes everything from annual bedding displays, perennial gardens, mowing, weed control, arboricultural services, revegetation programs, sports field renovations and the delivery of landscape projects to enhance the local environment.

Horticulture & Gardens


Premier Gardens – “The Jewel of the Crown”

Public Gardens are one of the most visible of public assets and we take pride in what we can help our clients achieve in this space.

There is no better demonstration of what we deliver than the Rotorua Public Gardens. Rotorua is well known for the pristine and colourful Government Gardens, Lakefront area, CBD gardens and Kuirau Park, all maintained and cared for by Infracore.

Urban Reserves

Reserve Gardens and Revegetation

In maintaining and building amenity and reserve gardens, InfraCore seeks to provide thriving green spaces for the public which create habitats for certain wildlife, contribute to cooling the environment and connecting people to nature.

As such our teams are skilled in caring for gardens of annuals, roses, shrubs, perennials and hedges planted in various settings.

Re-vegetation programmes include work to restore and enhance the natural ecosystems of certain locations. Our teams have knowledge and experience in the planning, preparation, planting and on-going maintenance of these programmes.

Kuirau Park 1.JPG

Reserve and Street Trees

InfraCore employs its own arboriculture professionally to ensure we can keep the reserve and street trees we care for in optimal health. Our work includes;

  • Tree planting
  • Formative pruning
  • Powerline clearance work
  • Tree removal
  • Deadwood removal
  • Stump grinding and reinstatements
  • Crown lifting, thinning and height reduction

Mowing, Sportsfield and Stadium Turf Services

mowed stadium.JPG


InfraCore owns and operates a wide range of mowing equipment allowing it to care for a full spectrum of reserves, fields and lawns.

Sports Turf and Stadium Renovations

We employ our own turf specialists allowing care for a wide array of surfaces from specialist sports turfs through to more multi-purpose sports facilities. We also maintain the Rotorua Stadium where international sporting events are regularly hosted.

Cemeteries and Crematorium


InfraCore currently runs the day-to-day operations and maintenance at five cemeteries as well as operating the chapel and crematorium at Rotorua's public cemetery.

The team is responsible not only for burials and ash interments but also for the grounds maintenance and gardening services in these cemeteries.

Contact the Cemeteries and Crematorium team on:

07-349 1899

160 Sala St, Fenton Park, Rotorua 3010

The five cemeteries InfraCore maintains are:

Read More on RLC's Website
RLC Cemeteries
& Crematorium

Interested in joining the Parks and Reserves team?

The parks and reserves team employs a wide range of staff from entry level gardeners and laborers through to trade qualified people with many years of experience.

The parks and reserves team love what they do and are looking to recruit people
with similar passions who love gardening.