About Us

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Our Mission is to deliver quality infrastructure, maintenance and construction solutions in a safe manner, and in a way that offers the best value solution for our clients, while also ensuring our business is sustainable, healthy and vibrant.


Our vision is to be the contracting partner of choice, who sets the standard and leads the ways for others.



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InfraCore was formed from what was in effect
the old Works department of Rotorua Lakes Council.

InfraCore Ltd was formed as a company on 1 August 2015
and is governed by an independent Board of Directors.
Given the Council shareholding in the company
it is classified as a CCO (Council Controlled Organization)
under the Rotorua Lakes Council Group.

The company was formed with the aim of combining
the strong legacy culture of passion for what we do,
inherited from Council, with some smart commercial management.

The intent being to ensure that our current and future clients were
provided with sustainable, quality and cost-effective services.

As part of this change the business was also tasked with building a sustainable,
diversified income base by developing existing and new business opportunities,
both within the Rotorua district and beyond.